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Dated: 02/15/2016

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The general consensuses is that Realtors get paid a  ton of money for filling out a contract that most anyone can fill out.Image title Boy, I wish it was that easy!

To give you an idea of how a transaction usually takes place we will start with the phone calls. 

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My day normally starts around 5 to 6 AM as I search the internet to see what came on the market that day. This way my buyers get the 1st shot at any new listings. The 1st offer is usually the best offer. At 9 AM I then start making the numerous phone calls to the Title company, Mortgage company and to any and all clients that I need to relay messages to. There are also the calls on some contracts that need to be made to the city, sign companies, appraisers, the survey company and such.  Last week I spoke to 1 buyer over 20 times. That does not include the emails and text. The phone calls come all day. Sometimes until late at night. Now, with the internet more people are searching for homes after 9 PM.

After all the calls are finished, then there are things such as helping the sellers find electricians, roofers and other contractors needed to do repairs before and after inspections. Measuring homes and viewing other homes in the area to get a fair market price for a seller could take a better part of a day, especially when you are still answering your phone for other deals you are working on. For buyers, the agent will help buyers secure financing, insurance and movers.

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Your agent should also spend time working with the agent on the other side of the transaction negotiating not only the sale price, but also, repairs, option period and any other parts of the contract. Each time the contract is changed, the contract has to be completely revised and then set out for signatures again.

But in the end, usually after 30 days, it comes to that all important closing day. These days are the busiest. The mortgage company inevitably waits till the last minute to ask for one more piece of information which all parties involved scramble to get together so that the buyer and seller can close at their appointment times. Thank goodness for the title companies who hold the whole thing together. But the Realtors job does not end at the closing table. The Realtor still will need to update the website and remove the sign and lockbox from the home.

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 I would not trade being a Realtor for anything in the world. There is nothing better than to see first time buyers at the closing table. I love helping clients find their dream home or sell their home so that they may move on to the next phase of their lives. 

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