Dated: 01/21/2016

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BY;Sandi Lee,Realty Advantage

Welcome to Galveston Island . We have beach front homes for weekly rental and others to accommodate your

needs. You can find us via : also known as Victory Vacations.

We have canal homes,condos,small,medium and large.  Check out our site and shop around,we are here

to help you. 

We help our owners maintain the properties and keep them clean for your pleasure.  They  are fully furnished,most have internet and cable. The linens are furnished,towels,sheets and beds will be made for you.

Kitchens are fully equipped, unless you have a special dish you want to prepare, you can bring what you need.

We don't require the large damage deposits as some,we have an insurance policy for only $39.00.

We want your vacation to be as pleasurable and fun as possible and will do what we can to help.,come see us.

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