Fall Home Owner Maintenance

Dated: 10/28/2016

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Fall is my favorite time of the year. In South Texas we hit the 80's in as early as late March some years, so when November rolls in with a nice 78 or 75, I am ready. I love how pretty the trees are right before they loose their leaves, but there again, in Texas this period only last a couple of weeks.

Though this season is pretty, it does come with maintenance issues. This is a perfect time to set aside one weekend to "winterize" your home. The falling leave of course, are going to be a headache most of the winter. These leave must be kept off the roof and out of the gutter. This can cause roof rot. All your exterior water pipes need to be insulated before the first freeze. This can also be a great time to check the exterior caulk around windows, check your attic ventilation and fertilize your yard to avoid winter weeds. One last thing, since the weather is nice, it is a great time to do landscaping upgrades.


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