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Dated: 09/08/2016

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Galveston Daily News this past week had an article covering a tax incentive program offered through the Development Services Department of the Planning and Development Division. This program helps ease the burden of renovation on qualifying properties in the historic district in Galveston. These improvements must extend the life of structural components of the home such as roofing, foundation,  electrical, plumbing and other.  Following the completion of the upgrades your city property taxes are frozen at the assessed value prior to rehabilitation for 10 years. Certain restrictions apply and the certificate must be obtained before the work begins.

This is a great program for anyone looking to purchase a historic home in Galveston whether you want to live in the property or you want to profit from the home since the incentive is transferable to the new owner when the property sales.

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There are many homes in Galveston that would qualify for this program. Let's start looking for yours today. 409-539-8234

For more information you may contact:

Catherine Gorman, AICP

Historic Preservation Officer


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