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Dated: 06/28/2016

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Freedom is a word that we American's take for granted. All of us born in America have known nothing but freedom. Most of us have never had to go to bed hungry or without a bed to sleep in. Even the homeless have shelter if they so choose. The homeless can even get a free hot meal at least once a day. And they still have the right to complain about our government not doing enough to help them if they want to. 

I can go into my church, no matter what the denomination and not fear the government coming in to shut the service down. I can even make up my own religion and be ordained online. 

As a woman, if I felt like it,I could wear any type of clothing I choose. I can even wear boy clothing, get a sex change and asked to be called Bobby instead or Barbie. These kind of behaviors of course would never be allowed in place like Pakistan, China, India or any other non-democratic state.

When we think of Freedom most of us think of freedom of speech or religion because those are the topics that are in the headlines most of the time. But do we really think about the fact that women do not have to walk behind a male, or that I can be the president of a company just the same as a male? Do we think about the fact that I am allowed to live anywhere I choose and can afford? I can go to any college and seek any degree I want. I can choose not to go to college and live off the government if I want.

We have all this freedom and more rights because every day our brave men and women stand up and swear to defend our county against foreign and domestic threats. There are some that even loose their lives so that I may better mine. 

This holiday weekend as you BBQ, shoot fireworks, drink beer and gather with your friends and family, take a minute to pray for our sons and daughters out there protecting your ability to celebrate.  Thank a police officer, a fireman or any service member.

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