5 Kitchens Families Love

Dated: 07/12/2016

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The kitchen is the Hub of any home. It is where we gather to tell stories about our day, share meals with our family and friends. That goes into a good kitchen, though? Which features , layouts, and touches make a kitchen more than just a room to cook in, but a place that is identifiable with our family as a gathering place? Here are some ways to make your kitchen loved by its family.

1. The Island

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A kitchen island is truly a remarkable feature in any kitchen. It offer extra counter space for larger meals, and also in many cases extra storage. If the design allows bar stools can be added for a few extra seats. Island are really handy for smaller kitchens that lack in cabinetry and counter space. 

2. French Doors to the Outdoors

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Opening french doors off a kitchen can expand the entertaining space for those larger families or those who love to entertain. Doors provide easy access to other cooking favorites: the grill and smoker. Adding a patio table offers easier clean up.

3. Furniture as Built-in

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When a kitchen table is included in the kitchen, instead of the separate dining room, it makes dining and serving easier.This feature is great for the busy family, streamlining serving and clean up. 

4. Hide Away Concept

Fewer visual surroundings can sometimes help our thinking. This is where the hideaway concept comes in. Everything from mixers, coffee stations to microwaves and taoster ovens can be hidden away in their own little space.Once the appliance is used, the custom drawer can be shut to hide it away.

5. Kitchen Zones

With everything in its own specific area, organization happens naturally. Think eating station, cooking station and dish washing station etc. The kitchen has everything tailored to be in the right spot where it is needed and easily accessible

Keeping the kitchen clean and functional, yet still inviting, can be a challenge. With these tips for customization, your perfect family kitchen is just steps away!

Published by Debora Aguirre of Realty Executives Advantage

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