An Ounce Of Prevention Saves A Pound Of Problems

Dated: 09/01/2016

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This is for owners  or potential owners . What can you do to make the most from your beach property?

#1 Maintain it. : Keep up with little things,because they add up and grow. Replace bad wood,replace or repair light fixtures. etc.

#2 Replace things at the end of the season. New pillows,mattress pads,dishes or silverware ok?  Pots and pans sufficent?

#3 Use bright cheery colors at least to accent.  A small pillow,cozy throw or vases can do wonders.

#4 How's that mattress? More than 5 years old? Time to replace.

#5 Tv's  too small? remotes work? Cable? Movies?

#6 Stocked with games,movies or books,

#7 Need to paint?  

#8 How's that a/c working for you? Don't wait until April or May and it starts getting warmer.

#9 Keep all  appliances in good repair and updated. 

#10 EXTERIOR! Yard? flowers? need to paint? Roof in good repair?

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