Choose A REALTOR® That Knows Your Market Area

Dated: 08/26/2016

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Besides your 401K plan, your home most likely is your largest investment. Why would you trust selling your largest investment with a Realtor that does not know your market area? I am from Texas City. My family is from Galveston and I lived in Galveston for eight (8) years after high school. I know both of these areas like to back of my hand. I can tell you how to beat the traffic in Galveston on holiday weekends and I know where and how to see the face on the Wall...spooky. But ask me how to get around traffic in Seabrook or where to get the best cheeseburger, I am at a lost.   Image title

I could still give you a pretty good idea of what you home should list for, just by using the same data that an appraiser would use. The problem would be marketing your home. If I am not familiar with your area, I will not know how or to whom to market to. Each area of town has a different clientele. For example, far west end of Galveston would be investment opportunities and weekend homes.  Mid city historical will be upper class and weekend homes. West end from 61st to Campeche will be working class. You may have a few different thrown in but for the most part, that is how you would choose your marketing.

Back to finding a Realtor that knows your area. I live in Texas City and see Realtor sign from Clear Lake Realtors all the time. Why would you not list with a local Realtor. Someone that knows where and how to market your home wisely. 

I specialize in Texas City and Galveston, but have many years experience in LaMarque, Dickinson and LaPorte/Pasadena area. I would love to sell your home quickly for you.

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