FHA Appraisal Conditions

Dated: 09/28/2016

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Scared of selling your home to a buyer getting an FHA Loan? No need to be. You may have to do some minor repairs to get your home into FHA code approval, but it should not be something that limits your opportunities to sell. 

1. Appliances must function properly

2. Proper drainage away from the home

3. Heat and Air must work

4. Water pressure must be adequate

5. Water heater must meet local codes or work

6. Attics must be free of excess debris, no visible hole in the roof, no frayed wires, no damages and there must be vents

7. Homes built before 1978 must not having any chipping paint. Homes built after 1978 must not have any damaged wood.

8. Electric outlets must have cover plates and work

9. Toilets must flush and be stabilized

10. No active termites

11. Windows must open and close and must not be broken

12. No exposed wires from fixtures

13. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors must meet local codes 

14. There must be a fire wall between the garage and the home

15. The roof must have 2 years of life left

Basically the home must not possess any hazards to people or the integrity of the home.

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