Halloween Legens

Dated: 10/12/2016

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Irish legend tells of a man named Jack that tricked the devil out of taking him to hell.  upon Jack's death St. Peter would not allow Jack into heaven because he had too much sin in his life and the devil wouldn't let him into hell because of the deal they had made, therefore Jack was doomed to walk between heaven and hell with his lantern looking for a place of rest. Hence the name  Jack-o-Lantern.Image title

Every family has Halloween traditions. In our family we would dress up and go to the church carnival. There were games and food that kept us busy all night. My ex-husband grew up in Montana. Their tradition was to eat "Halloween soup" (which was a vegetable soup) before they went trick or treating. This would keep them warm and get a few nutrients in their system before they over loaded them with sugar.

What family tradition do you have? 

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