March Madness Of Real Estate

Dated: 03/08/2016

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The term March Madness is used for this time of year when the NCAA college basketball tournament takes place. This will bring almost as many people as the Super Bowl to Las Vegas as dreams of getting rich with the right hand fill their heads. And as we all know, even if that "right hand" hits rarely is that bank roll an occupant on the plane ride home.

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As those basketball players get prepared to take on their opponents, home owner at this time are getting prepared to put their house on the market. With the return of taxes that were overpaid and the warming of the air, home owners start to stir and dream of the next step up the ladder of success; a bigger or better home. Some want that pool that their kids have been asking for. Some want that extra bedroom or bathroom due to a growing family and some may just want to down size. Whatever the reason March is a busy month in Real Estate.

How can you get prepared to take on the task of selling your home? You would think with all the new ways to market your home on social media that you could handle selling your own home. Sounds good, but it is not that easy. Finding the buyer is only a small part of the task of selling a home. Do you know how to stage your home? Do you know how to answer financial questions your buyer may have? Do you know why or where the title company comes into play? How do you know this person looking at your home is not just scoping your home out? These are all things plus more that your Realtor will help guide you through. 

One thing that I cannot understand in a world full of technology, why is it that a return call, email or text is so hard to get? Your Realtor should ALWAYS answer your call or return it shortly. Do not accept less. Your Realtor should be from your area. How can your Realtor know your market if they are not active in your market?

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