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Dated: 12/01/2016

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There is a new Realtor born every day in the Houston area. So with thousands of Realtors in Houston how do you know which ones are naughty and which ones are nice? You can always look at how many transactions the Realtor has closed or participated in. But this is just a number. I could have closed 100 deals this year and only been good in 10 of those. There are many blogs on the internet telling you what to look for in a Realtor, such as one that will call you back or that shows up on time for appointments. Now how are you going to know that until after you have already hired them? My favorite naughty Realtor stories are when the Realtor tells the client "When you find a home you want to see, call me and I will make an appointment". Really, isn't that why you hired the Realtor, to actually find you a home? 

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So what should you do? Of course referrals are the best way to find out. But if your friend had a bad experience, you will not want to use the Realtor they had. When I became a Realtor I was undecided on who I wanted to work for. How did I know which Real Estate office was productive? I asked the title company. Every real estate transaction must go through a title company to close, so they know most of the Realtors. Now, granted there are hundreds of title companies now so you might want to check with a few. Each Realtor has their favorite title companies.

Something else you can do is try your agent out before you sign the Buyer's Agreement. Sometimes a Realtor won't show you homes without one signed, but the way I feel about that is, if I am a good Realtor you aren't going to use anyone else after you are working with me. Also, if you do not like the service I am providing I sure don't want to make you use me. 

Good luck!

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