Sellers Market In Galveston County

Dated: 03/19/2016

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According to the HAR website this morning, 12 homes in the Galveston County area went from Active for Sale to Pending Sale yesterday alone! If you average a 8 hour work day, that is more than one home an hour. Only one home was under $100,000. It was listed at $92,500 and ranging to $339,000, but most were in the $200,000 range. 

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Now, I admit there is that home that has sat on the market for 2 or 3 months in a neighbor hood around you. There are several possible reasons.

1. The seller and or his/her agent did not price the house right.

    Pricing too low can be a negative as much as pricing too high.

2. The seller has not staged their home

    I have shown lovely homes that the buyers just cannot see past either the smell, dust or clutter to see the real home.

3. The house is hard to show. 

     This is the seller that wants to be there during showings, or needs advanced notice. Sometimes When I have clients we may see a house and want to stop and see it while we are out.

There may be other reasons, but these are the most common mistakes sellers make. Once your home goes on the market as active, be ready ALL the time. I know this is hard to do with small children and toys, but it is a must to selling your home.

If you are thinking about selling your home, call me. I will come out and look at your home and give you a fair market value for your home and also give you a sellers kit to getting your home sold.


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