Selling A Home In Texas City Texas

Dated: 01/11/2016

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Image titleWhether you are selling or buying a home, SOLD is the most important word in any transaction. Currently, Texas City proper is a hot spot for resale homes. There is only 19 homes for sale between $100,000 to $1,000,000. This means, as a buyer, one must not drag their feet on a home that suits their needs. The inventory is low and the homes are moving fast. As a seller, this is the time to list your home. Low inventory means quick sell and at top dollar.

Before you rush out and stick a sign in your yard, remember a few things:

  • You may save on commission by selling by owner, but you will probably waste more by the home sitting on the market, advertising, pricing your home wrong and not having an experienced agent helping you negotiate, take the "looky Lou" calls, help with staging and appropriate advertising.

  • Without an experienced agent, you do not know who the person might be looking at your home

An experienced agent can and should give you pointers on how to get your home sell ready with the budget you have. 

I have over 27 years experience in marketing real estate. Let my experience work for you. 409-539-8234                Barbie Tucker

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