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Dated: 04/11/2016

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Choosing the right title company is just as important as choosing the right mortgage company.  The title company is what holds the whole real estate transaction together. The right title company can even make a bad Realtor look good. As soon as all parties to the contract have signed and dated the sales contract, the contract and the earnest money are sent to the title company. If you have a good title company they will call with friendly reminders when there is something missing that is needed to close. A good closer many times can help when you have a slow mortgage company. 

My preferred title company has always been Stewart Title in Texas City. Patti Norris and Stephanie Frankovich have always gone overboard to secure a smooth and easy closing. Stewart Title was founded in Galveston, Texas in 1893 by Maco Stewart. I like using a local company even though they are now in 80 countries world wide they are still true to their roots. They have moved their headquarters to Houston and now they employ over 6,000 people with 35% of those having over a decade tenure according to . In 2014 Stewart Title was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of fifty most trustworthy financial companies in America.

When I am your Realtor I choose only the best mortgage companies and the best title companies. That is why I choose Stewart Title. Visit my website at

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