To Decorate Or Not To Decorate While Selling Your Home During The Holidays

Dated: December 4 2016

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The housing market doesn't come to a standstill during the holidays.

Why you should decorate - 

Decorating your house will allow you and your family to celebrate the season while also offering any potential buyers a festive experience.  Also, helping buyers to envision themselves in the home!  If you do plan to decorate your home keep these tips in mind:

* Stick to neutral colors and decorations that complement your current decor

* Keep it simple - decorations could give your home a cluttered appearance

* Avoid decorations that block or hide important features or your home

* Don't leave gifts under your Christmas tree during showings

Why you shouldn't decorate - 

Holiday decorations could negatively affect your home's appeal, whether it's because they make your house seem small or cramped, or because they're too much of a distraction for buyers who are trying to envision themselves in the home.

* Protecting your privacy, since personalized decorations and Christmas cards could reveal private details about your life

* The appearance of untidiness caused by real Christmas trees shedding nettles.  Could also block off the part of the house where they are placed

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