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Voting has been a custom in America for 240 plus years. It took us a while but, we finally got this voting system and rights figured out. Every American citizen is able to cast one (1) vote. And they should.

Go Vote!

1777-1778 The Article of the Confederation and the Constitution 

This left it up to the states to determine who could and could not vote. However, one provision was removed. The "religious test" that prohibited Jews, Catholics and Quakers from voting.

1792 - 1856 Jacksonian Democracy 

Jackson gave non-property owners the right to vote

1886-1870 The 15th Amendment

A person could not be denied the right to vote due to "race, color or the previous condition of servitude"

1920 19th Amendment

Gave women a right to vote

1924 Indian Citizen Act

Made Indians citizen of America, thus able to vote

1961 The President's Neighbors

Washington DC was founded in 1790, but was not large enough for representation as outlined in the Constitution. This allowed them to vote.

1962 and 1965 The 24th Amendment and The Civil Rights Act

Technically the black American was given the right to vote after the Civil War, but few preformed their civil duty until The Civil Rights Act.

1971 "Old enough to fight, old enough to vote"

Lowered the age to vote from 21 to 18

1986 Absentee Voting

Gave American citizens that were serving their country overseas, merchant marines, oil workers, students studying abroad and such the right to vote

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